mmcité as a part of BIG´s project

Portiqoa bench complements an outdoor space of 8 House

Ørestad district in the south of Copenhagen is world-famous for its residential complex 8 House of Architectural studio BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), which is located close to the water canal. The residential complex is known for its unique unconventional shape. The building imitates the shape of number eight. To gain more sunlight and to prevent one side of the house shading the other one, the slopes covered with green were created to allow the sun in its patio as well. Several promenades full of fresh green with the length up to 1 km are leading along and throughout the building complemented by the patio with the area of 500 square meters. For leisure and socializing Portiqoa benches by mmcité have been added. With their sophisticated shape and interesting optical effect of diagonally situated sides, they perfectly fit into the whole concept of this complex. It is an exquisite proof of the design concept in practice.


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