Brazilian modernism in public space

mmcité comes to South America for sun, samba and benches

We‘re heading to South America for the latest projects by our Brazilian branch. A country with an unmistakeable reputation for buildings by celebrated figures such as Oscar Niemeyer and Lina Bo Bardi, Brazil has become a beacon of modernism for all of Europe to follow. Not just architecture, but all public space design in Brazilian metropoles has inspired urban planners from around the world with its versatility and diversity.

São Paulo – Expo Transamérica

São Paulo is the biggest and richest city not just in Latin America, but the whole southern hemisphere, and is the seventh largest city in the world. Now it can boast having one of the biggest exhibition centres in South America too – Expo Transamérica. Last year it underwent a facelift, with particular attention paid to modernising the outdoor area in front of the centre, which has been transformed into a boulevard with pergolas, sun loungers and kiosks. Both work and rest are made more pleasant here by our Limpido chairs, Bistrot table sets, Radium, Vera and Vera Solo benches, and the striking Rivage lounger. This space is also equipped with Prax litter bins and Valet ash trays..


This modern airport has been transformed into a cultural centre for the city thanks to investment from its operator, Zürich Airport. A brand new concept envisages this important transport hub as a meeting place, serving not only as a shopping boulevard but also as a venue for concerts and corporate events. We can‘t be left out of an urban planning project like this, so here, alongside our furniture, you will also find the first ever purely solar powered mmcité shelter. This shelter was designed to answer the needs of travellers; it features internal lighting, USB charging capabilities and an electronic billboard, all powered by solar energy.

São José

With respect to history but in line with the demands of modern life, urban planners set about the renovation of the historical centre of São José, one of the largest cities in Southern Brazil. This public space now offers many spots for relaxing and taking in the view. Beneath the tall palm trees, the Rivage sun lounger, the restrainedly elegant park benches Portiqoa and Miela, slim Elias bollards, as well as the eponymous modular Tably range and even the Prax litter bin have all found a place here.

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