mmcité in Rio de Janeiro August, 5–21, 2016 Let´s go to Rio! We equipped the whole Olympic village in the Barra de Tijuca district right next to the Olympic park with our street furniture. Up to 18 thousands of athletes and thousands of other visitors from all over the world will utilise this place. The village has already now been referred to as the most beautiful one in a long history of games. We invite you to the Czech Olympic House...   mmcité in London 17th July 2016 The Industrial Revolution in England gave birth to perhaps the most classical concept of park bench – cast-iron sidewalls, seat and backrest made of wooden lamellas. mmcité introduces its modern interpretation of this approach on two significant locations in London at once. Right in the heart of Canary Wharf Miela benches and chairs can be seen – aluminium alloy cast sidewalls with exquisite...   Lights on! april 12–17 2016 A massive block stored on sharp peaks, exactly this contrast impresses in a public space in the best way. The generous proportions, which are folded up from several modules in long stripes, underline this effect. There is monumentally simple variant without backrest, as well as practical and comfortable version with the backrest, which can be placed also in the opposite direction. We newly introduce...   RED DOT Award for Minium March 2016 Our new litter bin Minium was awarded for its unique design and innovative use of materials by the Red Dot Award judges. The well-regarded award is annually given to the best designs from all over the world. Expert members of jury favoured the smooth, slightly grooved surface of the bin, the soft contours of its almond shaped body, along with the sophisticated design details, variability of anchoring...   Where can you meet us in February? February 2016 We will be glad if you visit us. We will introduce you our bestsellers 2016! Hábitat, Valencia 1 – 5 February 2016 Stand F119 Dag van Openbare, Brussels 3 – 4 February 2016 Stand 4.26 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Stockholm 9 –13 February 2016 Stand A44:24 The Landscape and Technology Expo Viherpäivät in Jyväskylä, Finland 10 – 11 February 2016 Stand 22 Salon...   mmcité in 3642 altitude january 2016 To celebrate the New Year, we’ve come up with something unique. Here at mmcité, mountains and winter sports are close to our hearts. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve made our mark on Europe’s highest mountain range, with our woody benches now a feature of the new cable car sky way station which leads from the Aosta Valley to the Massif of the majestic Mont Blanc. The vast wooden blocks...   Expo Hábitat 1. –5. february 2016 Av. de las Ferias s/n,  46035 Valencia – Spain 1 – 5 february 2016 Pavilion: N2-P6 Stand: F119  

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