mmcité at ASLA Texas

ASLA Texas 2019, 24–26 April 2019, Irving, Texas, stand 605
We invite you to Texas and the 2019 ASLA annual meeting and expo, where our products are a regular fixture. This year we will be launching a new, premium product onto the market, the variable picnic set, Rautser. It creates pleasant seating areas and islands of relaxation in public spaces, school campuses or parks with ease. Come to the expo to relax in our colourful oasis, and while you’re there why not also try out the playful Pixel seating system, which color, form and variability tear down traditional conceptions of the park bench. Even more comfort and convenience can be found in the new Stack collection, which is unique among our catalogue. It features a bench with a backrest and armrests, a comfy armchair, single seats and a table. Everything is stackable, and for even greater comfort it is available with waterproof padding. Our portfolio is constantly developing, so just ask the team at our stand.


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