Construqta: Sophisticated beauty of concrete

november 2016

We present Construqta – new concrete bench inspire by one of the fundamental construction elements – the truss beam. The concept absorbs its most natural engineering beauty and transforms it into the landscape architecture. Symmetrical play of definite inclines and right-angled sides adds the distinguishing look to this otherwise simple cuboid. Small integrated legs onto the bottom slightly lift the whole block, eliminate the possible unevenness of the surface and therefore contribute to higher overall elegance of the installed bench. More than two meters long bench can be placed separately, by two or three pieces or arranged in long lines.

Project: the design of Construqta goes hand in hand with a minimalistic impression of chapel of the Church of the Brethern in Litomyšl, designed by architect Zdeněk Fránek.
Photo: Boys Play Nice


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