Street Furniture Against Terrorism

How Site Furnishings Reduce the Risk of Terrorism in Public Spaces

Not many people associate an object like a litter bin or a bollard with anything more than its basic function. However, smart manufacturers of these products recognize the potential for them to be much more than this. In an ever-evolving world, with the threat of global terrorism, it is essential that manufacturers of site furnishings offer options that help combat terrorist activities and contribute to the safety of public spaces. 

One way in which public spaces can be better protected is through the use of transparent litter bins. Transparent models allow suspicious contents to be recognized more easily, thereby helping prevent potential threats. mmcité offers a model like this, called the Aeroporto. The Aeroporto is a well-ventilated cylindrical shaped litter bin, with a perforated body and a transparent litter bag on the inside. The structure is created in accordance with anti-terrorism requirements. 

Stability of structures is another way in which manufacturers can increase the security of their products and community in general. mmcité’s Kveta planter is a great example of this. This is a planter of considerable size, weighing over 5,000 pounds when full. It is ideal for creating natural barriers against vehicles, providing a perfect obstacle to the threat of terrorism. It is a zinc-coated steel structure, covered with casing made of wooden boards, and a liner made of a zinc-coated steel sheet. There is also an option for wrap-around seating.

In addition to transparency and stability, another way in which site furniture contributes to the safety of public spaces is through illumination. mmcité’s product offerings include several bollards that incorporate LED lighting to help bring more light to public areas, further reducing dangerous situations. Our donat bollard and Elias bollard both offer the kind of security afforded by LED illumination. 

As we can see, site furnishings are more than just pretty objects in a public space. Capabilities such as transparency, stability, and illumination help transform a piece of site furniture into a smart and capable barrier against danger. mmcité aims to not only make cities smart and beautiful, but also safe.

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