The story of mmcité in America

Our new branch has found its feet in the States

For a long time now we have been improving public space far beyond our Czech and European homelands. We are proud that our design is also popular in other continents, that even so far away people appreciate our high quality. In some markets, getting that recognition is especially challenging, and nowhere more so than the USA. After almost a decade of cooperation with our regional partners, at the beginning of last year we opened our very own American branch to bring us closer to our American customers. And it paid off. Our new team has already given us a snapshot of how they’re making waves with their work. Take a look at the momentous projects we successfully took on in the USA in 2018:

Julian B. Lane Riverfront park, Tampa

We have never been afraid of big projects, which is why this year we and our new American branch, mmcité7, took part in the creation of a new public park in Tampa, on the banks of the Hillsborough river. Visitors can find blocq benches and seats for relaxation not just by the water, but also at nearby sports centres, festival grounds and picnic spots. The extensive project comes from Denver‘s Civitas, Inc. design studio.

Paco Sanchez park, Denver

The city of Denver has decided to regenerate Paco Sanchez Park. Part of the development for the hilly park includes the revival of the revolutionary “Re-Imagine Play” project. We won the right to be part of this project thanks to a colourful assortment of tables supplemented with vera solo benches and swissbin litter bins.

Cummins Headquarters, Indianapolis

The new park at the base of Indianapolis‘ Cummins Inc. was built not just for employees, but for the general public as well. The whole area offers spaces to meet, a large amphitheatre, little quiet spots for meditation, and a host of places for creating work environments in a public space. We fitted the area with vera benches and some prax litter bins for dog walkers.

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