For our littlest ones

June 1, 2020

Playing is one of the most natural facets of human nature, and through our street furniture design even we try and join in. We are thinking of everyone who wants to spend their time outdoors: young people, parents with prams, wheelchair users, pensioners and kids alike. We came up with the new children‘s versions of the popular Woody and Radium benches for the little ones. We are expanding our range of children’s outdoor furniture to include the Vera collection.

Just like Alice’s world in Wonderland, we have shrunk the Woody and Radium benches to fit children’s needs. Even on the baby model, Woody’s striking block looms above its visually subtle steel legs, now at a height ideal for our smallest users. The bench is entirely maintenance-free, and the unlacquered wood, treated against pests, naturally and gracefully matures. The playfulness and colour variety of the Radium cube seat range captures the attention of children. The all-steel cube also scores highly with adults thanks to its refined elegance.

Prying kids away from their phones and computers is a goal of parents and professionals alike. Our contribution is to enliven their time outdoors with custom-coloured outdoor furniture. A departure from benches, tables and seating comes
in the form of the unmistakeable Pinecone. It can provide a covered sandpit, an outdoor classroom, or even a tent for young adventurers. The nature-inspired, self-standing structure creates a dome comprised of 109 scales in seven rows. Thanks to the arrangement of the scales into separate layers, Pinecone can act as
an airy gazebo with a pleasant microclimate and exceptional acoustics, while also providing shelter from the sun, wind and rain.

Our efforts are also aimed at preschool education. The summer months call on nursery schools to adapt their curricula to bring care and education to children outdoors as much as possible, which is where the Green Classroom project comes in to help nursery schools. Expanding children’s education under blue skies in inspiring surroundings is a major part of pre-school education, leading to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, greater awareness of the environment, and a more vivid imagination. Green Classroom involves Vera mini benches with backrests and seats made of wood boards or backrest made of HPL and Vera mini table in rectangular or square design.

Kids who play stay out of trouble and kids who play outdoors are healthier and happier.


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