Distance: trend or design?

may 2020

Quality design stands out

Bringing quality design to cities is nothing short of a cultural mission for us. We have benches for a hundred people and for just one. For us, good design and a good product mean the same thing. It has to have good functionality, high build quality, and a form which stirs up your emotions. Beautiful like Helene, comfortable like Rivage, inspirational like Manta. We designed Bistrot long before social distancing became the trend in public seating, and it ably serves a range of places around the world. We offer Bistrot tables and subtle stools in classic or high configurations.

We take pride in our cities, so we’re trying to make them more beautiful, regardless of the situation. With this newsletter we want to let you know we have solutions for every place and every opportunity.

Each range also features models for one person: Vera, Sinus, Limpido, Stack, Blocq, Vltau, Radium, Preva Urbana, Portiqoa, Woody, Manta, Rivage, Intervera, Landscape, Landscape Compact, Urban Islands...

Carcassonne – Miela

Humpolec – Bistrot


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